Recognise and utilise potential


With the help of Bisnode D&B Switzerland Ltd., companies gain profitable new customers and develop existing customer relationships even further.

Companies want to grow. New customers play an important role in this. Only the focussed response of the appropriate target groups offers tangible new potential and opportunities. Therefore, the most important requirement for professional direct marketing is a precise analysis and the resulting accurate selection of relevant recipients.


“With the marketing addresses from Bisnode D&B Switzerland Ltd., we achieved a considerably higher success rate.”

Axel Springer Schweiz AG

As the market leader in commercial information, we have the largest national and international customer database at our disposal. This encompasses more than a million firms in Switzerland and around 250 million firms worldwide.

Thanks to our analytical know-how, our customers can profit from this database. We filter out for you the companies which allow for profitable new business. The selection can occur based on diverse criteria. On the one hand, the criterion can be the function or the location of companies. On the other hand, our database also allows for exclusive selection choices: In this way, companies with poor solvency or those without active payment transactions for example can be excluded. In addition to these selection choices, Bisnode D&B Switzerland Ltd. also provides a better understanding of your own current business: With our customer base analysis, we can highlight the features of the current best customers. This, in turn, can be used for additional effective marketing campaigns.

The Bisnode D&B Switzerland Ltd. marketing solutions appeals to companies and, in particular, to those with the largest potential for new business.