Know and monitor supplier risks


With the help of Bisnode D&B Switzerland Ltd., companies can avoid interruptions in the delivery chain.

Companies must be able to supply their customers. If the supply of raw materials, product parts or information falters, customers may be supplied late or even not at all. This represents a risk which should be avoided. To do so, the individual elements of the supply chain and their ties must be known.


“In order to ensure that we receive the necessary components for production in time, we audit our suppliers.”

maxon motor ag

As the market leader in commercial information, we have the largest national and international customer database at our disposal. This encompasses more than a million firms in Switzerland and around 250 million firms worldwide.

Each of these companies has a D&B D-U-N-S® number. This unique and globally valid identification standard allows for the unique identification of companies and the matching of their parent companies, subsidiaries, headquarters and branches. This creates transparency in relation to the locations and interrelations of suppliers. Thanks to its unique scoring model, Bisnode D&B Switzerland Ltd. is able to evaluate the solvency of these companies.

With the Bisnode D&B Switzerland Ltd. supply solutions, companies gain an overview of their global supply chain and can evaluate the risks of disruptions.