Adjust and refine master data

Master Data

With Bisnode D&B Switzerland Ltd., companies have legitimate master data.

Companies have to know who they’re dealing with. Only legitimately obtained data enables a realistic overview of business partners. In order to allow for meaningful analysis and decisions regarding the allocation of resources, companies need a high quality of master data.


“Thanks to the master data based on the D&B data, Alstom management has a sound basis for decision making in strategy, marketing, sales and procurement.”

ALSTOM (Schweiz) AG

As the market leader in commercial information, we have the largest national and international customer database at our disposal. This encompasses more than a million firms in Switzerland and around 250 million firms worldwide.

Each of these companies has a D&B D-U-N-S® number. This unique and globally valid identification standard allows for the unique identification of companies and the matching of their parent companies, subsidiaries, headquarters and branches. This creates transparency in relation to the interrelations of business partners. The D&B D-U-N-S® number also makes it possible to unify data records, recognising and correcting duplicates and false entries. Companies with multiple locations use this global code in order to connect and combine various internal databases. The master data can be enriched with additional data elements which enables additional insights.

With the help of the Bisnode D&B Switzerland Ltd. ‘master data’ solutions, companies can structure their central reference data consistently and make use of it across multiple locations.