High quality Master Data for your success

D&B Data Manager

D&B Data Manager provides you online with transparency of your Master Data. The systematic cleansing and maintenance of your Master Data is based on the biggest reference database for bsuiness information globally. Additionally enhanced data elements serve as a basis for deep analysis to identify new potentials for sustainable success.

Your challenges

  • You need within your entire enterprise very accurate and up-to-date customer and supplier data
  • You use in your company a common data language
  • Incorrect or aged out data derogate the companies profit and reputation

With D&B Data Manager you can cleans your Master Data online and at any time by matching it against the biggest reference database for business information globally. Additionally, the tool allows you to keep your Master Data up-to-date and enrich it with additional data elements. Via the secured online portal you get access to information about more than 250 million business entities in more than 200 countries, in-between more than 1.1 million in Switzerland.

Our Solution - Your benefits

  • Flexibility

The web-based tool does not require any installation effort. It’s modular structure can easily be tailored to your needs.

Within each module D&B Data Manager offers various options, e.g. for the selection of data elements for enhancement of your Master Data, for the acceptance of Bisnode D&B data into your systems as well as for the definition of a reliable hit during entity matching.

  • Transparency

With D&B Data Manager you will be able to relate to each process step. Even better, you are able to directly influence the process via various interactive features. This will provide you with a deep understanding of your own Master Data and of the opportunities to secure their quality by defining and enforcing relevant internal processes.

  • Cost efficiency

The entity matching against the Bisnode D&B database allows the identification of already inactive companies as well as of duplicates in your dataset. By standardization of your information and elimination of incorrect or out-of-date records you will gain efficiency and cost savings in maintaining your Master Data. At the same time you will also reduce losses caused by usage of aged, incorrect information for your Marketing activities, Sales actions or as basis for strategic planning.

  • Exploitation of new potentials

Enhance your Master Data with additional information from Bisnode D&B and analyse on this basis things like

- Linkages between companies within your customer and/or supplier base
- Regional or industry sector concentration between your business partners

This way, win new valuable insights regarding cross- and upselling opportunities, Sales risks and dependencies within your portfolio as well as regarding the profiles of your best customers and suppliers. These could form the basis for your strategic planning or for the simplification of your internal reporting.

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