2 in 1: Integrated compliance & credit checking

Bisnode CreditCheck

Is your company subject to regulatory requirements? Then you need to check whether your business associates are on sanction lists. With Bisnode CreditCheck you can now quickly and, at the same time, extensively audit your contacts. Analyse them using the global sanctions and PEP lists (PEP: Politically Exposed Persons) from our well-respected partner info4c.

Bisnode CreditCheck is the leading platform for financial information in the German-speaking area and contains 5,850,000 active company profiles from Switzerland, Germany and Austria. It includes all relevant information for a detailed credit rating for your business associates, including respectable payment history, enforcement information and debt collection notices amongst others.

With the compliance module in Bisnode CreditCheck, the company reports are supplemented by an evaluation by means of internationally approved compliance lists. You can therefore get both a credit and compliance check from a single source.


  • The company is checked on over 1,000 sanctions lists for each company report.
  • In addition, every registered individual in the company will be checked against PEP and sanctions lists.

Supplementary to the risk report, you will also have detailed compliance information at your disposal:

  • Compliance report (detailed insight into list entries, company mergers, financial information, etc.)
  • International search in compliance lists (direct search for all available lists from over 80 countries)
  • Option to adjust the search accuracy
  • Selection of individual list packages
  • Archiving with time stamp and individual notes

For the maintenance and update of compliance lists, we work together with well-respected provider info4c. info4c is the global provider of high-quality and personalised compliance information. The company was established as the Swiss pioneer for specialised compliance reports more than ten years ago.

info4c then selects the solutions to comply with the relevant laws and satisfy the respective purpose as efficiently as possible: Know Your Customer (KYC), anti money laundering (AML), the prevention of terrorist financing, fraud and corruption (for example the requirements of the US FCPA and the UK Bribery Act).

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