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Bisnode Insights

Successful companies make decisions based on facts. For decision-makers in finance, marketing and sales, Bisnode Insights provides comprehensive, visual facts and findings in the areas of data quality, risk, customer profiles and geography for comprehensive positioning and control of your company.

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Bisnode Insights combines analytical skills from Bisnode along with the global data pool of over 250 million corporate data in over 200 countries by Dun & Bradstreet - linked by a unique DUNS® number. From this unique combination, an insightful corporate image is revealed - presented in a modern and navigable manner.

Data Quality Analysis

Data quality is a holistic corporate theme. Incorrect data give a false picture of reality. So, high costs are generated for low quality upon initial recognition, for subsequent cleanup and final prevention of erroneous records. Decisions made on the basis of false data falsify the company records negatively. Bisnode Insights analyzes the quality of data and will help you understand how big and acute the need for handling is. Experts predict an increase of 8-12% in operating profit, if the data is correct, complete, current and consistent.

Screenshot Data Quality Analysis

Screenshot Data Quality Analysis

Risk Analysis

Risk can, in contrast to uncertainty, be quantified and actively influenced. The starting point for professional and efficient risk management is first recognizing and identifying risk. The risk analysis in Bisnode Insights illuminates your credit risk from different angles. The comprehensive findings provide the basis for risk optimization and effective cash flow decisions.

Screenshot Risk Analysis

Screenshot Risk Analysis

Customer Profile Analysis

Customers are referred to as the biggest asset of a company. It is therefore necessary for a company to make an informed picture of their own clientele. The customer profile analyses in Bisnode Insights combine different angles and lead to the recognition of fallow potential.

Screenshot Customer Profile Analysis

Screenshot Customer Profile Analysis

Geography Analysis

The company's resources are often the limiting factor in market development. Therefore, it is crucial to know which regions it is worthwhile to implement resources. Bisnode Insights geography analyzes provide a geographic context for your resource allocation. Thus, no distance is too far.

Screenshot Geography Analysis

Screenshot Geography Analysis

Target Audience

Bisnode Insights focuses on position determination for decision-makers in finance, marketing and sales from SMEs to large enterprises.

Our approach

We accompany with Bisnode Insights right up to the decision.

1. Matching & Enrichment

First, your data will be matched and enriched with the current and diverse information from Bisnode D&B.

2. Analysis

The analysis of your data relates to all aspects of your portfolio. Data quality, risk, customer profile and geography. The overall competence of the Bisnode analysis department of highly specialized experts is available to you as a tool.

3. Treatment

The results of the analysis are comfortable and clearly presented in an online platform. Here your data is stored on highly protected servers that are not connected to the online platform. For the highest security.

4. Workshop

In a workshop, which will take place at your site, the results will be presented to you. In the ensuing discussion, possible measures will be derived - and any other questions you might have will be answered.

Your benefits

  • Comprehensive overview of your performance in terms of data quality and risk management (up to 12 analyses)
  • Better understanding of your customer profile and their geographical composition (up to 10 analyses)
  • Benchmark information for comparison
  • Modern and precise visualization of results with private access
  • Expert assistance in the interpretation of the analyses

Immerse yourself in your personal analysis. We are at your disposal at +41 44 735 64 64 or .