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D&B Market Insight

Searching for a list of Grade A prospects? Struggling to get a clean, clear view from your marketing database? Seeking to reinvigorate your sales force? Market Insight will provide you with a comprehensive, detailed view of your customers and prospects, so you can make smarter marketing decisions.

What is Market Insight?

Market Insight is a collaborative approach to solving marketing challenges related to company data, using the best in D&B technology and quality assured data alongside all the information you already hold on your customers and prospects.

No matter the current state of your internal database, with Market Insight you can extract new value starting now. Using Market Insight will:

  • Allow you to get to know your customers by their value, frequency, most recent contact, churn and lifetime value.
  • Gain a more in-depth picture than ever before by overlaying the data D&B holds on those very same companies.
  • Integrate data from third parties to give you the most comprehensive view possible of your customers.


Then the analysis begins

You’ll see which are your most valued customers, and which are the riskiest to service.

Knowing the attributes of your best customers lets you pinpoint those most like them, from the whole universe of businesses. The outcome is a prospect list you can rely on.


And because you’re incorporating D&B business information into your own database, it will be easy to see which organisations are related. Corporate linkages will help you rank prospects and identify cross- and upsell opportunities.


Your Market Insight portfolio will keep pace with changes in the market. D&B automatically updates the market universe each month without any interruption to service, and helps you upload new information about your customers at intervals you determine.


Wanting to import data into your CRM? If so, look no further. Market Insight allows you to upload data easily into and Microsoft Dynamics CRM. You can update and insert any selection of data from Market Insight via the upload wizard. This is useful for taking segmentation codes and scores directly back into your CRM.


But I’m not an expert, and my IT team is often too busy!

That’s OK, because D&B brings their own expertise through Apteco, a leading supplier of Marketing Data Analysis software. Working with Apteco, D&B has created an application that is easy to use, from the start, and without having to rely on your IT department.

First, the application is cloud based. To use Market Insight, you simply launch via a locally installed launcher on your desktop within a few days.

Second, the Market Insight team works with you at every step of the way. If you don’t have the time or resource to carry out a specific task, D&B will bring it in-house and deliver back to you the results you need. Alternatively, you can learn from friendly experts how to carry out your own analysis.

With Market Insight, your data works harder, not your IT team!

Data spotlight

D&B is the foremost supplier of business to business marketing and risk information. Quality of information is assured through their unparalleled DUNSRight™ process. With its global coverage and a track record spanning over a century and a half, D&B is a name you can trust.

Market Insight is your window on the world. It gives you everything you need to benchmark your customer records against the business marketplace, whether that’s Swiss, European or Global.

It’s also the shop window – if you need to supplement your records, you can purchase D&B data straight from the application, managing pricing and licensing centrally.

Would you like to learn more about D&B Market Insight?

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