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Bisnode Voice of the Customer

Many companies have already realised; in order to put your company in a successful position for the future, the focus must be on your customers. This includes all experiences your customers have with your company - the so-called 'customer experience'.

Companies who know their customers and understand what they think have already made the first step towards optimising customer experience (CX). However, this is only the beginning. Today, there is an opportunity to put data from a wide variety of business systems in context with customer opinion - such as the costs of a certain product, the turnover figures for a certain retail outlet, the time of a sale or contact with a customer services employee.

CX then becomes a strategic basis for the entire company; the shift to a customer-oriented company, where the spotlight is on the customer in all areas, begins.

Bisnode Voice of the Customer will support you in increasing your customer satisfaction, and making your company more profitable. With our system, you can systematically record feedback from your customers at the relevant touchpoints in real time. And by linking the right data from your operational business processes and systems, we can discover together the right tools for optimising your company.

Improving sales figures

A good customer relationship leads to increased loyalty, and also in increasd sales figures - especially in cross-selling and upselling.

Strengthening competitive ability

The systematic recording and implementation of customer requirements raises competitive ability.

Standing out in a competitive environment

A quick reaction to customer feedback - be it positive or negative - helps a company to stand out in a competitive environment.

An engine for change

Measurable goals for employees help to speed up the shift to a customer-oriented company. Timely feedback strengthens employee motivation.

With Voice of the Customer

  • you design individual customer and employee surveys in tune with your requirements

  • you send your surveys by email or SMS in real time, immediately after direct contact with customers

  • you create your personal dashboard based on your individual requirements

  • you set instant measures and react to especially positive / negative customer feedback immediately

  • you uncover your potential for improvement straight away

  • and much, much more



Companies with a large number of customers are already using solutions from Bisnode. For example, companies from the automobile sector, trade, finance, health and wellbeing, energy, travel sector or IT companies.

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