Risk platform of the latest generation

Meaningful insights & strategic growth

Would you like to have more time for analysing a growing industry, for leading your team or simply for spending time with your family? If the answer is yes, you will love D&B Credit. From assigning credit limits, to portfolio management, D&B Credit quickly and efficiently completes all of these tasks for you.

D&B Credit is the risk platform of the latest generation that takes modern credit management to a new level. It directly taps the largest global company database with Dun & Bradstreet’s state-of-the-art scoring models. This provides you with the most up-to-date and meaningful insights that will advance the growth of your company, increase your efficiency and optimise the cash flow.

Time is money. Therefore, we have ensured that the flow of this process is easier and more efficient than ever before. D&B Credit has been provided with an intuitive and dynamic structure, rendering this solution adaptable, intelligent and easy to use.

D&B Credit supports you when

  • making a credit decision.
    D&B Credit enables you to make better decisions even faster and more efficiently, thanks to intelligent evaluations, easy-to-understand analyses, and risk profiles, all of which are imbedded into a simple user interface.

  • managing and segmenting your customer portfolio.
    D&B Credit enables you to better understand the prospects and risks in your customer portfolio thanks to analytical views, in which profit prospects and risks virtually jump out at you.

  • monitoring and managing customer risks.
    D&B Credit enables you to focus on the essential thanks to daily e-mails and dashboards that keep you updated with information on your customers and potential risks.

  • conducting your business on a global scale.
    D&B Credit enables you to better manage your international business thanks to standardised scoring models and analyses, the multilingual interface of the application and the information from more than 220 countries and regions. Local currencies? This is another feature included with D&B Credit.

D&B Credit combines the following in one application:

  • The best data and analyses provided by Bisnode Dun & Bradstreet, including the largest global commercial database with more than 265 million company datasets from over 30,000 sources and 5 million updates per day.

  • The best solution for combining your own insights with our data.

  • The best results, delivered quickly. This leaves you enough time to dedicate to your most important customers.

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Should you have any further questions regarding D&B Credit, our customer service will be pleased to help – please phone +41 (0)44 735 64 64 or e-mail .