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About us

Bisnode D&B helps companies to conductsafe business transactions and to develop new potentials.

As the most important provider of both Swiss and international business information in Switzerland, we serve approximately 6,000 customers – from micro enterprises, through SME, to major global corporations – with about 120 employees.


Our services will help you in the following areas:

: Recognising, monitoring and managing Trade Credit Risk
: Identifying and utilising potential
: Due diligence check of your business partners
: Recognising, monitoring and managing Supplier Risk
Master Data
: Cleansing and enriching Master Data

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Making the right decision

Companies require a sound foundation in order to make the right decisions. Bisnode D&B will help you to complement your own data and information with that of Bisnode D&B, in order to gain the right insights. Using our know-how, we will also help you to ask the right questions and find solutions. This will provide you with the bases for decision-making you need for your operational and strategic business activity.

Our data


Bisnode Switzerland: Our data at a glance (download PDF)

In Switzerland, we have two linked databases On one hand, our company database includes approximately 550,000 active companies recorded in the commercial register (SOGC) and in addition, approximately 190,000 unregistered sole proprietorships. On the other hand, our consumer database comprises a large number of private individuals. Our databases draw on dozens of data sources, which we scan, collect and link in order to obtain insightful statements. This affords our customers the opportunity to screen the Swiss market perfectly.

Partners in the Dun & Bradstreet Worldwide Network


Bisnode D&B is a partner in the worldwide network of Dun & Bradstreet, the largest global service provider for business-to-business commercial information. Thanks to Dun & Bradstreet, our customers have access to a database containing approximately 250 million companies worldwide. Therefore, Bisnode D&B is the ideal partner for any company working in the export business.

Bisnode International

Bisnode D&B Switzerland Ltd. is an affiliated company of the Swedish Bisnode Group . The latter is divided into four geographical regions:

  • DACH (Germany, Austria and Switzerland)
  • Nordic (Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Norway and Sweden)
  • Central Europe (Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Macedonia, Poland, Serbia, Slovakia and Slovenia)
  • Belgium


Bisnode Group: active in 18 countries

The shares of our parent company in Sweden are held by two investors: The private equity company Ratos holds 70 percent of the Bisnode shares, whilst the remaining 30 percent are held by Bonnier. Ratos is a listed private equity company and the Bonnier Group is an international, family-owned media group, which is headquartered in Sweden.