We dig deep for our information


Although we make constant efforts to keep our business information up-to-date, the volume of data that needs to be processed can result in data sets that are not sufficiently up to date for our standards. Should you happen you come across such a case, you have the possibility to have it researched at no extra charge.

Our business analysts will update the relevant reports for you and still keep to the delivery times. We are also happy to take any special requests for information into account, which you can send to us at any time. It goes without saying that worldwide research is also possible. At Bisnode you can be sure of the best possible quality.

Do you have any questions for our research experts?

We are happy to help by phone 044 735 61 41 or at

If you have any questions on using the reports, our customer service team will be happy to help, by phone 044 735 64 64 or at