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Family Tree

Corporate structures constantly change due to take-overs and sales. At the same time, it is important to know whom a company belongs to – to save on procurements from within one corporate family or to estimate cluster risks within linked companies, for example. With the D&B Family Tree you receive access to 7.8 mil. company networks and 380,000 company groups worldwide.

Recognise transparency, opportunities and risks in your portfolio.

  • You can recognise cross-selling potential in the subsidiaries of your business partners, for example, and open up new marketing channels
  • You can make potential savings through pooling in procurement
  • You can reduce default risk by being able to observe the risk assessments and limit utilisation at a corporate level.

The D&B Family Tree is easy to access online over the Internet. For larger data collections, we also provide fully-automatic integration of your data into your own systems or offline data-recording.

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