The systematic collection of payment histories

DunTrade® and ConsumerTrade®

What is DunTrade® and ConsumerTrade®?

Identify payment trends

DunTrade® and ConsumerTrade® are the largest payment history pools in Switzerland and the world for exchanging payment histories free of charge. National and international companies from all industry sectors feed their debtor data into the program anonymously. This creates a comprehensive picture of payment behaviour within the Swiss economy. DunTrade® and ConsumerTrade® also makes it possible to comment on the current payment methods of individual companies or private individuals and to observe trends objectively.

You, too, can take part in the DunTrade® and ConsumerTrade® program.

You will benefit from greater transparency concerning the payment methods of your customers in the market and from the effective information and early-warning systems.

  • How does your customer pay other suppliers?
  • Are you the only company your customer is still paying on time?
  • Is your customer using you as a bank?

The DunTrade® and ConsumerTrade® program can provide you with reliable answers to these questions.

What can I achieve with DunTrade® and ConsumerTrade®?

The results from the DunTrade® and ConsumerTrade® program enable you to find out more about how your customers pay their bills.

Does a customer pay you later than other companies? Then use this information for your contractual negotiations and your dunning procedures and reduce your DSO (Days Sales Outstanding).

Or perhaps a customer is only paying you punctually as an A-rated supplier, but is making delayed payments for other suppliers. This could point to economic difficulties that could also affect you at some point in the future.

The data from the DunTrade® and ConsumerTrade® program provide valuable information for the monitoring of your present customers that you can use to:

  • recognise imminent bankruptcy risk in your customers in due time
  • avoid bad debt losses
  • optimise contractual negotiations and payment agreements
  • reduce your debtors and increase cash flow

On top of this, the information from the DunTrade® program forms the basis for the calculation of the D&B risk indicators e. g.
Score, Rating, Paydex® and is incorporated into the D&B company reports.

What benefits are there in taking part?

As a participating partner, you are given an insight into the payment behaviour of your customers in the market, free of charge. The analyses and graphically-displayed evaluations:

  • show you a trend analysis so that you can compare your own bad debt management with others
  • function as an early-warning indicator to help you avoid bad debt losses
  • help you to reduce your DSO (Days Sales Outstanding) in your contractual negotiations and your dunning procedures
  • They can be retrieved at any time. Over the internet, for example, or directly via your book-keeping system through D&B interface solutions

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