More than 250 million companies from all over the world are waiting for you

D&B Global Reference Solution

Access up-to-date information in real time: Our worldwide database offers you online access to all of the companies in the world. You can find information in real time on more than 250 mil. international companies, of which 1.1 mil. alone are from Switzerland. With over 40 selection criteria you can accurately select target groups, increase your market transparency and assess you market potential according to such criteria as industrial sector or country.
Global Reference Solution

Your advantages

  • Establish company profiles

You can receive detailed information for each chosen company just by pressing a button, such as the company size, number of employees or turnover. Facts that you can use for market observation or for analysing the competition, for example. Increase your competitive advantage through up-to-date and detailed data.

  • Identify company networks (Family Trees)

You can gain in-depth insight into you customer data and identify which companies are linked to each other. This kind of information is essential in risk management too to depict the overall risk and control adherence to your internal credit guidelines. Using company penetration you can identify additional potential, i.e. you can identify the companies within a corporate family whom you are yet to work with. In order to make corporate structures easy to comprehend, D&B portrays the company networks graphically as family trees. These can be filtered in various ways to facilitate navigation.

  • Compile potential analyses

With D&B Global Reference Solution, you have a complete basic population of the world’s companies at your disposal. These data form the basis for further market research operations in your company. You can also upload your own data to define target groups precisely. Using your defined target groups, you can identify which companies are already part of your customer base. In other words: you are then aware your market penetration. You can, for example, also establish how many target companies there are in a certain country and calculate your market potential.

  • Put together lists of target groups

You can identify your target groups from the D&B company addresses, which have been checked for their creditworthiness, using over 40 selection criteria. You can then add these data to your existing customer base with no overlap and use them for your sales and marketing campaigns such as mailshots or call centre operations.

  • Carry out research for compliance purposes

With Global Reference Solutions, you can quickly and easily display inter-company equity stake ties (majority and minority stakes across the world) as well as links between companies through their office holders, shared addresses and telephone numbers. The inclusion of inactive companies often generates some interesting new perspectives, especially in cases of suspected fraud. The D-U-N-S® number as a globally unique company identifier represents an additional bonus in the compliance field.

Sensational and unique: global monitoring ‘GRS ALERT’

This is not offered by any other supplier on the Swiss market!

Keep an eye on your business partners in over 250 countries. We will inform you if there are any changes to the company itself or its company structure. It is well worth it!

  • Company structures change frequency due to mergers and takeovers. You can now establish any new risks or potential this presents for you.
  • Company name changes, relocation of headquarters and changes in legal form – keep your master data up-to-date easily and efficiently with the GRS Alert.
  • Security through the advantage of information in the compliance field: a change in parent company or global controlling company? A change of office holder? New minority stakes? Staying on the ball is easy with the GRS Alert.

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