Data protection is a matter of great importance at Bisnode D&B

Data Protection

Swiss Data Protection

For over 170 years Bisnode D&B has been collecting information on companies and developing products and services, which support its customers with critical decisions. Today Bisnode D&B is one of the leading global providers of credit, marketing and procurement services. As a leading business in the information sector, Bisnode D&B already implemented data protection measures decades ago. The applicable regulations and specifically the Swiss Data Protection Act are incorporated in all information services of Bisnode. Our customer service consistently and swiftly implements requests for personal credit reports, as well as changes or deletions of entries within the scope of the law. Here you can contact the Bisnode customer service.

The application of internet technology

In most cases, visitors to the Bisnode D&B website are not obliged to enter personal information such as their name, address or telephone number. On most pages, visitors to the Bisnode D&B site do not have to enter any personal information, although we do collect some such information with the help of technology. Some non-personal identifiers are collected by the website server, for example: which browser is being used (e.g. Internet Explorer) or the domain name from which a visitor has reached our site (e.g.

In the Internet, we sometimes use what are referred to as ‘cookies’ to save log-in and other information on your computer. A cookie is a short piece of information that a website transfers to your computer’s hard disc. Many websites use cookies to make your life as an internet user easier. We use cookies to make it easier for you to access our website or to adapt our services to suit your needs and interests. Some pages that are part of the Bisnode D&B website require you to submit personal information, so that you can order products or register with Bisnode D&B. You can recognise when you are being asked for this information as you will have to fill out a form and return it to us. The requested information can include your name, postal and e-mail address and your telephone and fax number.

Bisnode D&B only collects these personal data in order to complete transactions, deliver products and services, manage individual customer accounts, support customers with inquiries and to meet the requirements of the federal authorities. Bisnode D&B neither saves this information on its web server, nor does it sell or publish these data externally. Bisnode D&B does, however, occasionally analyse this information for internal statistical appraisals for market research purposes.

E-Mail Newsletter

Our customers and prospective clients are sent the newsletter only if they have specifically requested it.

The operation and distribution of our marketing e-mails (newsletter, invitations, e-mail surveys) are implemented using the “emarsys” e-mail marketing solution by the emarsys eMarketing Systems AG Company (Vienna). Any personal details, which are collected when subscribing to the newsletter, are stored on the computers of Emarsys.

In each newsletter we provide the option to correct, update or remove the information provided by the subscriber. Users who no longer wish to receive our newsletter or our promotional e-mails can be removed from the mailing list by clicking on the “Unsubscribe” link.

Confidentiality and security measures

Bisnode D&B takes the best possible technical, contractual and administrative steps to prevent unauthorised access to personal data. Bisnode D&B employees are obliged to treat the confidential and personal information relating to Bisnode D&B and its customers that they have access to during their employment with the strictest confidentiality and to not disclose this to third parties. Bisnode D&B employees are also responsible for the internal security of this information. Various technologies have been used on some Bisnode D&B pages to further secure this information.