Identification of pooling potential & depenencies

Spend Analysis

SMS - Intelligente Spen Analysis

Companies must be able to supply their customers. If the supply of raw materials, product parts or information falters, customers may be supplied late or even not at all. This represents a risk which should be avoided. To do so, the individual elements of the supply chain and their ties must be known.

Our specialists can initially see which company and which corporation is your real largest supplier. This is done by joining the companies that belong to the same corporate family.

The analysis also shows our experts how many suppliers you have per industry sector and where suppliers could be reduced if needed.

The dependency analysis compares your procurement volumes with the supplier yearly turnover from our database and highlights which suppliers are particularly dependent on you as a result of doing a high percentage of their business with your company. The Spend Analysis can be performed globally or for individual locations.

Our Spend Analysis experts discuss the results of the analysis in a workshop and provide you with the detailed data and TOP lists so that you can get to work on putting the discoveries into practice without delay.

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