Unique identification of companies

D-U-N-S® numbering

Bisnode D&B master data D-U-N-S®-Numbering

Only legitimately obtained data enables a realistic overview of business partners. In order to allow for meaningful analysis and decisions regarding the allocation of resources, companies need a high quality of master data.

The first step is to synchronise all of the supplier and creditor master data sets with the
Bisnode D&B database and to identify them using the D-U-N-S® number.

For this batch process, the customer sends all of their address master data sets from their operational systems (e.g. SAP FI or CRM) to us via email of FTP. Bisnode D&B’s matching process involves 3 steps (automatch, browse+review and lookup) and takes roughly 6 weeks until the initial delivery, which contains several thousand to several tens of thousands of data sets.

Once Bisnode D&B has completed this matching process, a workshop takes place where the hit rates and examples of non-identified data sets can be discussed to improve the customer’s data integrity. Duplicate entries and inactive business partners are identified during this stage.

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