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Country risk reports

Give your global business operation decisions a solid basis. D&B Country Risk Services provide valuable information concerning politics, finances and national economics. Or would you like more details on trading conditions and business risks?
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Country risk information is available for more than 130 countries worldwide. You can use them to assess the relevant markets and risks. The data and forecast are updated regularly. Recognise opportunities and risks on the basis of the globally consistent D&B Country Risk Ratings and Rankings.

You are given the country risk information at the
desired level of detail and delivery method either online, offline or as a printed copy. You can choose from various report forms. These include, for example, a compact 7-page report (Country RiskLine Report) or an extensive description with over 50 pages (Country Report), written in English.

The Country Risk services include:

  • The D&B country risk indicator incl. forecast and trends
  • Information on trading and payment conditions, late payments and the relevant legal frameworks that are typical for the country in question.
  • Key political and demographic data such as development history, present and forecasts over a 5-year period.
  • An overview of risk in line with the most recent political and economic developments along with the country’s short to medium-term risks, trends and potential.
  • A perspective of the global economy (such as global growth, US/EU interests and oil prices)

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