How to become cost efficient and generate turnover within your CRM

D&B CRM Connect for Microsoft Dynamics CRM

D&B CRM Connect supplies you with high-quality Swiss D&B company data straight to your Microsoft Dynamics CRM. At the simple click of a button you can synchronise all entries in your CRM with Switzerland's largest company database, which is updated on a daily basis, and therefore significantly increase the quality of the addresses. Forget the days of expensive and periodic data cleansing.

Data management using D&B CRM Connect is easy and cost-efficient.
Data elements such as turnover, number of employees, industry code or credit rating information will help you with the
segmentation and lead generation for trenchant campaigns with little waste circulation. An absolute "must-have" for every marketing and sales professional.

Your benefits

  • Easy installation of the Microsoft Dynamics CRM add-on by means of Solution Management
  • Direct synchronisation (matching) of your Microsoft Dynamics CRM datasets with the most updated Swiss quality data provided by D&B at the click of a button
  • No discontinuity of media when procuring information
  • Customised packages in terms of data quality and lead generation to increase both cost-efficiency and the generation of turnover

Functions & Processes

D&B CRM Connect for Microsoft Dynamics CRMZoom

D&B CRM Connect for Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Available data packages and data tariffs

"Dataquality OPTIMIZER" package

The Dataquality OPTIMIZER package supplies you with all the company data - updated on a daily basis - required to verify and assure the quality of your CRM data.

The basis for efficient campaigns with a high delivery rate. You can check existing data and add missing data at the touch of a button.

Data content:
- Status data
- Address data
- Contact data
- Purpose of the company
- Registration data (Commercial Register No., DUNS No. etc.)
- Industry code (NOGA 2008 in accordance with the Swiss Federal Statistical Office (FSO))

"Leadgenerator BASIC" package

The Leadgenerator BASIC package allows you to carry out a standard segmentation by adding employee numbers and turnover figures. Specify the right size of the companies to avoid waste circulation.

Data content in addition to the Dataquality OPTIMIZER:
- Number of employees
- Company turnover
- Management (authorised signatories)

"Leadgenerator PRO" package

The Leadgenerator PRO package provides you with valuable, unique information on corporate linkages.

Whether subsidiaries, the highest local holding company or even the highest global company, you will see at a glance where potential lies dormant, or where you already have your foot in the door. Perfect for realising extensive potential.

Data content in addition to the Leadgenerator BASIC package:
- Ownership structure (owner, local holding company, global holding company)
- Holding structure (minority holdings, subsidiaries, affiliates)

"Leadgenerator SECURE" package

The Leadgenerator SECURE package spares you accounts receivable losses.

Accurate credit rating information from the leading business information database allows you to segment according to a company's likelihood to fail. Business transactions with companies that have a high credit rating increase your success and spare your nerves.

Data content in addition to the Leadgenerator PRO package:
- Risk assessment (D&B Score, D&B Credit Recommendation, D&B Rating)

Download D&B CRM Connect for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011

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  • You can download the add-on directly at and try it out for 30 days free of charge, including the data quota. We will contact you to define the data packages.
  • Once the 30-day trial period has expired, you can purchase a licence for the add-on and decide on the final data packages.
  • If you have any further questions or technical queries, please contact us at: or Tel. 044 500 33 66.

The automated procurement of information directly from your Microsoft Dynamics CRM, coupled with the integration of Switzerland’s largest business information database gives you the crucial competitive advantage and saves costs.

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