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What is the content of section "Ownership"?

What is the content of section "History"?

What is the content of section "Merger & Acquisition"?

What is the D&B Paydex®?

Which are the so-called Monitoring countries?

How can I contact the Swiss Customer Service team?

How do I get a D-U-N-S® number?


How much is a Bisnode D&B membership in Switzerland?


What is e-Portfolio?


What is the D-U-N-S® number?


Is there a way to see free samples of a D&B Country Report?

Do I have to be a Bisnode D&B customer to be able to order a report?

What is the content of section "Identification and Summary"?

How can I get a list of all active Monitoring registrations in my portfolio?

What is the text of the disclaimer?

How do I know by when my View&Review right run out?

Which countries are not covered by D&B information reports?

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