What do I get as a result of a search?

As a result of a search for a company using the left side menu in e-Portfolio you get either a unique hit which directly navigates you to the product order screen or the so-called candidates list is displayed. Browse through these candidates and when you identify the company you look for, please, click on the company name. The system will display the product order screen for the chosen subject with a display of all available products for the case.

The product order screen provides you with the following company details to enable you to verify that you selected the correct candidate:

  • company name

  • trade style

  • D-U-N-S® number

  • registration number

  • sic code and industrial sector

  • D-U-N-S® of the parent comapny if applicable

  • date of last Balance Sheet if available

  • number of payment experiences if applicable

Up to this point the utilisation of the system was free of charge. Units will only be charged as and when you select a product and click the "order" button.