What is the D&B Executive Report?

The Executive Report (also known as Comprehensive report) is the centre piece of the D&B product offer. We strongly recommend to use it for all transactions of medium or high risk. Toilored for the special needs of decision makers, the Exceutive Report provides a comprehensive picture of the strengths and weaknesses of a company. It contains plenty of important information in a reader-friendly format.

Besides the D&B Rating, a predictive indicator for stäbility and an objective measurement for financial strength of a company, the Executive Report also has the D&B Score and the graphical view of its development during previous months (up to 3 years).

Another decisive indicator contained in the Executive Report is the D&B Paydex® together with a summary of the payment experiences used to calculate the Paydex and a benchmarking against other companies in the same industry sector.

All these indicators, presented clearly at first sight, are supported by a huge variety of detailed information including - if applicable - legal and detrimental information, corporate linkage data, Management and shareholding data, activity, size of the business etc.