What is the D-U-N-S™ Right process?

The DUNSRight® process was defined and implemented to secure the quality of our data. The starting point are 4 questions:
1. Are our data correct?
2. Are our data complete?
3. Are our ata up-to-date?
4. Are our data globally consistent?

The basis for DUNSRight™ as a quality assurance programme are about 2000 different automated checks that are carried out alongside and in parallel to manual quality checks.

Main components of the DUNSRight™ process are:

  • our global data collection aggregates data from an immense number of different data sources

  • these data are added to our database. The first step is the correct allocation to entities already existing on the database. This is done via a patented process called Entity Matching. Information from very different sources are assigned to a particular entity and thus a comprehensive picture of that business evolves.

  • we assign a D-U-N-S® number, a unique identifier for companies across the globe that is used as a standard by many international organisations

  • via corporate linkages we facilitate for our customers the identification of risks and opportunities within linked companies and usage to theri own benefit

  • finally our prognostic indicators, that are based on mathmatic-statistical models, assess the economic accomplishment of businesses so far but also predicting future development.

The result of this comprehensive process are business information products of highest quality so that our custoemrs can decide with confidence.