B2B Payment history Switzerland

Switzerland: 46 Percent of invoices are paid late


The payment behaviour of companies in Switzerland has improved slightly. In 2015, companies in business-to-business sector paid 54 percent of all bills on time; this is 2.3 percent more than in the previous year. The proportion of late payments is however greatly dependent on the industry. The manufacturers of precision instruments and watches are among the worst defaulters. They pay 63.6 percent of their invoices late. In the chemical and pharmaceutical industries, these default forms 62.5 percent of all the invoices submitted. The construction industry (62.1%), hotels, and restaurants (61.3%) are also very hesitant in settling their bills. There is a particular contrast in the retail industry where only 32.6 percent of invoices are paid late. However, the best debtors are recruiters, where the proportion of late paid bills is only 28.7 percent. Although the proportion of delayed payments has decreased, there is a negative development. The average payment delay of bills rose in 2015 over the previous year from 0.5 days to 10.8 days. Therefore, creditors had to wait for their money longer.

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